Central Biomedia, Inc: Quality and Service


Central Biomedia, Inc. (CBI) is the only contract manufacturer of private-labeled animal serum without a competing product on the market. We pride ourselves on staying at the cutting edge of the serum industry, and handling custom filtration orders for our valued customers. In addition to sterile filtration, our FDA-registered Lenexa facility has the flexibility to perform a range of custom processes, all strictly under private label, including supplementation, heat inactivation, dialysis, stripping, and more, as well as developing and performing a variety of proprietary processes for our customers. In addition, we’re USDA approved as a quarantine holding facility for imported ruminant serum.


At CBI, we’re committed to quality. To us, quality means more than just USDA-licensed, FDA-registered, and ISIA Traceability Certified. It extends to everything we do, every day, from the farm to the laboratory. All of the products produced for our customers undergo rigorous testing, with a Certificate of Analysis created for each lotHemoglobin, endotoxin, pH, osmolality, total protein, and sterility (where applicable) tests are routinely performed, and arrangements for additional testing available on request. Our commitment to excellence and integrity ensures the highest standards in all of our products and processes.

Donor Horse Serum

In 1985, we saw a need for a reliable, high quality source of donor horse serum and filled it. Our donor horse herd is dry lotted and fed a carefully controlled diet that has been developed over years of experience, in order to produce donor horse serum of uncompromised quality and consistency. We offer unparalleled traceability, with serum traceable back to the individual animal. Our meticulous standards are the best in the industry, and all our donor horse serum is collected at our USDA-licensed veterinary biological facility in Irwin, Missouri. We’re also proud to say that all serum produced at our Irwin facility is eligible for export to the EU.